Books: Time Stops for no Mouse and The Sands of Time
Author: Michael Hoeye
Reviewer: Ariadna Martinez

I need somebody who understands mechanics. Who knows how to put pieces together and figure things out. Someone who's not afraid of complications".
Do you know anyone with these characteristics? Well, if you don't, find one in: Time Stops for no Mouse and The Sands of Time. These are serial books written by the author M
ichael Hoeye. Both works are filled with adventure, romance and mystery. In these stories, Hermux Tantamoq is a simple watchmaker mouse that lives in a civilized city called Pinchester.
In the first book, Time Stops for no Mouse, Hermux starts getting involved in a serious and evil plot. He alone must get to the bottom of this puzzle and stop the criminals before anyone gets killed!


The sequel, The Sands of Time, is yet a more mythological story, in which Hermux and his friends must set out to find the Lost City of Cats. In this case our hero discovers many secrets about the past that, if made public, could turn the city of Pinchester upside down. Would it be wise to unveil this secrets?
In both books, Hermux and his friends live memorable moments together and also go through dangerous adventures. I highly recommend them to people of all ages, because it is never late to read a new book.